Sunday, July 25, 2010

Settling in...

Sunday brought us into our second week with our new rescue dog, 
Cali(fornia), and I wanted to share her progress with you all. She and the boys are really getting along well (which basically means, Scout has started harassing her endlessly and she finally feels comfortable enough to give him a barking rebuff when she's had enough). Cali is still on antibiotics for a post-shelter cough that she just can't seem to shake, but she is beginning to trust us more and she's started taking her meds with just peanut butter instead of the huge battle we faced last week!
Just before escape attempt #1.
She looks like she's excited to go to the beach... it's all a facade!

Okay, so she doesn't look too terribly excited to be
going swimming with Dad after she was caught...

Cali perked up a bit when she realized that nothing bad was going to happen in the water. She still hated swimming (every time I took her out to waist-deep water, she swam hard and fast for the shore... that girl could win the Canine Olympics for speed and strength in the water!) but she would put up with the shallows as long as the waves stayed small enough.
And she rode in the back of the truck with Mama
and her brothers without any fuss at all...

Cali even managed to cut loose a little on the ride home
and enjoy the wind in her hair ears.

I know we are all still adjusting to each other, but we are all happy to say,
We're so glad you've joined our family, Cali!

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