Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our New Addition...

It has been almost six weeks since Sadie passed and, though we are not fully past her death yet, we had room in our home and in our hearts for another dog and so, just a few weeks after her death, we went looking. We wanted a dog who, like Sadie, had been passed over and wasn't adoptable because she was ugly, old, or just generally a sweet dog who inexplicably wasn't going home with anyone.
We tried met-ups with several pups and nobody got along well with our boys (including one dachshund mix who literally chased Scout around the room snapping and barking until he dropped his treat and hid. Scout - 45lbs, dachshund mix - 11 lbs.... hilarious...)
I had seen a Vizsla-Pointer mix at a local pet welfare and I'd waited a couple of weeks to visit her and finally went on my own on July 1st. I just loved her, but it takes a few visits to really get to know a dog. The next week brought another visit, this time with my husband, and on the 13th we took the dogs to meet her... and she came home with us! Formerly known as "Kali," we changed it to "Cali" so that she could be a California girl like her mama, me! Also, I am convinced that changing the letters up in common names only leads girls to grow up to be strippers and I want more than that for my little pup!
She's supposedly six years old, but she's got a bit of gray around her muzzle already. We are at least her third home after three shelter stays from Sacramento to the deep South (and she's been at pet welfare for six months already with no interest in her at all!) based on the history that we were given, but her history doesn't start until she was 3 1/2 and being a Vizsla-Pointer mix she was bound to have a ton of energy as a pup and I'm sure she was probably turned into a shelter at least once after her puppy cuteness wore off. She's still got a lot of spunk in her (especially after a few minutes inside in the air conditioning) and she's kept me busy asking to go outside every half hour so that she can run wind sprints up and down the yard until I get too worried about leaving a geriatric patient out in the 108F heat index! Watching her play with Scout is a hoot (she bounces like an South Central lowrider... perhaps she's more of a California girl than I thought!) and other than the fact that you can tell that she thinks we are going to send her back to a shelter at any minute (yesterday's vet visit was... interesting...) things are going great. YEA for our expanding pack!

Update: Want to see how Cali is settling in at our home? Here is an update from a few weeks later...


  1. So cute. I think it's so fitting that you are going to honor Sadie's memory by rescuing an older dog. She will find happiness and trust with your pack I just know it.

  2. I'm sure she'll be a great dog for you! We have a 7 yr old English Pointer that we just adore. They're very high energy, but you're familiar with that with Springers and once she's adjusted and healthy I'm sure she'll have a good life with you!

    I found you blog on Google--my blog is "Walkin' in High Cotton" --for a lot of the same reasons I see on your site. Nice to meet ya!

  3. Jamie, Thank you so much for your comment! Cali, seven years old and all, is still SUPER high energy (maybe one of the reasons for being a three time shelter turn-in? I can't think of much else... she is such an angel, I can't imagine why she keeps being given away!) but we aboslutely love her. I think the large fenced in yard (other than our snake bite problem last week!) has been a god-send for her! :) I can't wait to follow you blog as well, I am adding you to my Google Reader as we speak! :) Thank you so much for stopping by the site and I hope your cotton stays high for many years to come! :)


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